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Why are we called Minerva Law Firm?

The goddess Minerva was one of the most important gods for the ancient Romans.

For the Romans Minerva represented wisdom including, law, diligence, handicraft and art.

When the Romans in the second century conquered Greece, which at this point had played its role in the world history, they also took over some of the colorful ancient Greek gods.

The Romans managed to include the Greek goddess Athena and the mythology together with their own ancient goddess Minerva, which was worshipped equally with the main gods Jupiter and Juno in Rome, until Christianity took over.

As we appreciate these virtues very high in our office, we find that we honour Minerva by taking her name. We also honour the virtues of multiplicity, durability and the values of the International Conventions for human rights and the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The law firms under the umbrella of Minerva Law Firm were previously in cooperation on the address Town Hall Square no. 59. At this address barrister Ole Olsen senior established his law firm in 1969 being the grand child of the film company “Nordisk Film”.

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