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In general we invoice our fee referring to the necessary hours required for the assistance and also determined by the outcome of the assistance and with reference to the importance of the case for the client and the assets involved and with reference to the whether the case is comprehensive and or complicated.

Private consumers must be informed about how the fee in individual cases is determined and calculated. Other clients can request for a preliminary assessment of the necessary fondant required for the assistance or a more detailed information about the criteria, which will determine the fee which eventually will be invoiced. These initial assessments would be regarded as general guidelines due to the fact that legal problems and cases often develop differently than originally expected.

We invoice our clients every month, every three month or when the case is finalized, unless other specific agreement is reached with the specific law firm. VAT is added the invoice in accordance with Danish VAT regulations.

The conditions of payment can be seen on the invoice. In case of delayed payment interest will be added in accordance with the Danish Law of Interest and reminder fees will likewise be added.

In some cases we will demand the client at the time the agreed assignment is due to commence must transfer an account payment to cover initial payments and fees, and this will be stated as a condition to commence the assignment agreed.

We are responsible for the legal counseling provided in according to Danish Regulations on professional liability and we are insured to acknowledge assurance companies with a coverage which can expect to meet the criteria determined by Danish Bar and Law Society as a minimum.

We are not responsible for assistance or counselling, which has been delivered by other actors than us.

Any liability regarding our counselling is to be determined in accordance with Danish Laws and Regulations. Any legal dispute with any lawyer belonging to Minerva Law firm can exclusively be heard at a Danish Venue – most probably in Copenhagen City Court if no other venue in Denmark is applicable.

The language capabilities of each lawyer is stated on the specific information pages. Conversations and or meeting, which due to language differences will have to take place in other languages than spoken by the individual barrister can easily be arranged through our broad network to various interpreters, however the costs will have to be borne by the client, if no other institution is providing necessary funds for translations.

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