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Legal advice for businesses and individuals

Corporation between independent law firms

We are cooperation between four independent law firms located at Skindergade 38, 1. floor in Copenhagen with an additional entrance to the location from Dyrkøb 5.This can be practical as this entrance is close to a parking lot behind the Cathedral of Copenhagen.

The cooperation is named I/S Minerva Advokater, company number 37517232.

Legal advice at the highest level:

We are very dedicated in solving your legal task or assignment and we clarify initially open and honest the expectations on result, timeframe and costs.

Each barrister has one or more specific legal framework in which the barrister is highly specialized.

Hence, with Minerva law firm you will always be referred to a barrister, who is specialized within the specific legal field, which is relevant for your legal requirement.

Legal assistance and legal counselling:

Referring to our assistance from our office, we can inform that all barristers employed with Minerva Law firm are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and everyone is a member of the Danish Bar Association.

According to the Danish regulations, we are insured against professional liability with the insurance companies Alm. Brand and Tryg and the necessary guaranties has been established in accordance with the regulations determined by the Danish Bar Association.

Entrance at Copenhagen Cathedral:

Entrance from Dyrkøb 5 at the Cathedral, which can be practical for use if you park in the parking lot at Copenhagen Cathedral.


We offer legal advice and litigation for public and private companies.


We provide legal advice and litigation for private consumers.

Minerva Law Firm - Skindergade 38 - Copenhagen
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